First Birthday Gift Ideas

Your little one’s first birthday will be the start of many celebrations to come dedicated to one of the most important people in your world.

You and your family members won’t be able to wait to shower them with as much love and gifts as humanly possible.

The only people that are more excited to give your little one gifts than you are the grandparents.

For great first birthday gift ideas from Grandparent see our article First Birthday Gifts From Grandparents

One problem is the everyone buys gifts that look nice, are inexpensive, are the most expensive or seem cool but many times these toys are not developmentally appropriate and are not what’s best for a one-year-old.

This list of first birthday gift ideas will be based on your child’s progression milestones.

As many of you already know, developmental milestones are a set of functional skills or age-specific tasks most children can do by a certain age.

One of the best places to determine how well your new one-year-old is progressing is by checking out the American Academy of Pediatrics website.

These milestones are a perfect way to help determine what types of toys are developmentally appropriate and will help your new 12-month-old progress quicker through those milestones.

Based off of the development milestones, here are the best first birthday gift ideas.

First Birthday Gift Ideas

First Birthday Gift Ideas- baby playing with balloons

Best Gift For Milestone- Gets to sitting position

Busy Learners Activity Cube

This kids learning toy has 5 sides of play that encourage discovery and exploration; 4 light-up buttons introduce animal names, animal sounds and shapes

The early learning center has 25 playful songs and melodies that keep toddlers engaged and entertained

This toy also has 14 interactive features that develop fine motor skills; toy assists babies with sitting up to play

Motion sensor activates fun sounds when the activity cube is moved to attract attention and encourage crawling

Best Gift For Milestone- Crawls forward on belly

Move and Crawl Baby Ball

Motorized, self-rolling baby ball is designed for 6 months to 3 year olds; great baby gift item

This baby toy has 3 light-up shape buttons that teach infants numbers and insects

3 animal buttons teach babies animal’s name and sounds; helps with baby music learning and recognition

The sensory ball has soft satin ribbons that enhance tactile stimulation

Spinning ladybug attracts baby attentions for training visual awareness; awareness promoting feature is a benefit among infant toys

This musical toy comes with 40+ sing-along songs, sound effects and fun phrase

Best Gift For Milestone- Assumes hands-and-knees position

Knee & Elbow Pads for Crawling

These baby knee pads can protect your baby’s knees from bruises and scrapes when they are crawling and learning to walk.

Protect the baby’s knees from bruises and scrapes when they are curiously crawling and learning to walk.

It’s a good present as a baby gift. The baby knee pads are easy to wash, machine washable and dryer safe.

Best Gift For Milestone- Gets from sitting to crawling

Laugh & Learn-Crawl Around Car

75+ sing-along songs, tunes & phrases

Interactive dashboard with lights, sounds & busy activities

3 modes of play: Learning, Music & Imagination

Introduces baby to letters, numbers, colors, first words, greetings & more

Stationary car encourages baby to sit up, crawl, pull up, stand & move all around for play inside & out

Best Gift For Milestone-Pulls self up to stand

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Interactive learning baby walker has a removable play panel

This early learning center has 5 piano keys that play music and encourage creativity; wheels work on carpeted and hard floors

Features 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, and 3 light-up buttons that develop motor skills.

Pretend telephone handset and mechanical elements enhance role-play fun; 2 AA batteries are included

Over 70 sing-along songs, music, sound effects and fun phrases; meant for babies and toddlers 9 months to 3 years old

Best Gift For Milestone- Walks holding on to furniture

Activity Center w/ Walker and Drawing Board

All materials were 100% safe and non-toxic, non-tip over or other safety issues, safety certification tests are conducted by third-party independent laboratory according to latest ASTM-F963-17

The learning toy helps develop your Baby’s coordination and strength by pushing the walker forward to learning initial standing and walking, music/inspiring sound will activate as long as the walker is running which will attract baby’s curiosity and encourage baby to walk

Features Driving Simulation, Engine Switch, Airplane, Turning Page, Lever, Small mobile phone, Small Beads, Rotated Rattle, baby can learn scenes and animals, stimulate driving will develop Baby’s motor skills

Also features a drawing board, a pet pen, 4 colorful small props, Painting and Drawing will develop baby’s ingenuity and imagination, more fun will be created during the parent-child time

This multi-functional Baby Walker it’s designed for babies and toddlers 9 months to 3 years old

Best Gift For Milestone-Stands momentarily without support

Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

The treetop adventure wooden toy is packed full of motor skill activities. Your little one won’t even know they’re practicing their fine and gross motor skills as they investigate all of the features offered by this tree-themed activity center.

The activity center features: with gliders, springy flaps, spinning dials, bead runs, and shape recognition, classic toddler activities are packed tightly into this motor skill developmental toy. When toddlers are engaged and happy, so are their caregivers.

The details matter: colorful, highly detailed graphics abound on this activity stand, with a bright palette to instantly capture and hold your little one’s attention. While exploring all of the activity features, the treetop adventure will send imaginations to the clouds.

Wooden toy for toddlers: this wooden activity toy for toddlers measures 22.5″ Tall and 18″ Wide, with a water-based, non-toxic finish, and is a suitable toy for 1 year and up – a perfect first birthday gift, nursery toy, or Children’s room décor piece.

Best Gift For Milestone-May walk two or three steps without support

BENHERO Anti-Slip First Walker

Shoes are made of canvas

The sole is a very soft, rubber that gives well. They also have a slight padding to the insole, nice and cushy for little feet.

Soft, breathable and comfortable. Lightweight and flexible to support natural foot movement

Easy to slip on and off. the elastic that keeps the moccasin on is well hidden while being worn

Pretty, versatile and able to match a lot of different looks

100% Guaranteed to return the shoes free for any reason

Best Gift For Milestone- Uses pincer grasp

Rock-a-stack and Baby’s First Blocks Bundle

Helps develop hand-eye coordination & dexterity as baby grasps the toysSet

​5 colorful rings & a bat-at rocker base make the iconic ​Rock a Stack toy loads of fun

Baby’s First Blocks offers classic sorting & put and take fun with 10 colorful blocks & a take-along storage bucket

Sorting blocks helps develop problem-solving skills and control of small muscles in the hands

Includes 2 toys

Best Gift For Milestone-Bangs two cubes together

First Builders Big Building Bag

80 classic-colored building blocks, including special shapes

Perfect for little hands

Hands-on play for early childhood development

Storage bag for easy cleanup

Combine with other Mega Bloks preschool toys and build them up!

Mega Blocks can be used in different capacities as the child gets older

Your little one can stack, build and rebuild to develop their STEM skills!

Best Gift For Milestone-Puts objects into and out of containers

Grow Busy Ball Popper 

You’ll love watching your little one giggle as they pop, drop, and roll the colorful balls down the ramp!

The Playskool Explore ‘N Grow Busy Ball Popper features lively music, fun sound effects, and 5 durable, bright ball

You can feel good knowing every time your child drops and rolls one of the 5 balls, it is an opportunity to practice using their fine and gross motor skills, and eye-tracking

Help your toddler learn about and explore cause and effect when they press the button and watch the balls pop into the air and swirl down the track

With this musical toy, your baby can drop the balls AND the beat!! They’ll move, groove, and giggle to 8 upbeat songs that help keep the fun rolling along

Best Gift For Milestone- Lets objects go voluntarily

Drop and Go Toy Train

Drop the balls into the train, they can spin around within the train or roll out from the rear door.

The toy train can move forward or keep static according to your choice, meanwhile with light and music, provides much entertainment for your baby. So interesting baby toys!

In the process of playing, the infant toys for 1-year-old doesn’t only bring entertainment but also helps kids to improve gross motor development, fine motor skills,hand-eye coordination, and cognitive ability.

There are four modes for choosing: the balls loop and the trains go, the balls loop mode, chase to throw the balls and the trains go, throw the balls and the trains count.

Best Gift For Milestone- Pokes with index finger

Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop

Three interactive play modes teach kids letters, shapes numbers, colors, animals, music and more

Geometrically-shaped buttons in keyboard layout include numbers for educational fun

Spanish learning feature

Animated, light-up screen, power and volume controls

Easy-to-grasp handle

Computer mouse and other realistic laptop features

Best Gift For Milestone- Tries to imitate scribbling

Crayola My First Palm Grip Crayons

3 Palm-Grip Crayons for Toddlers in red, blue, and yellow.

The ergonomic design of these egg-shaped crayons makes it easy forlittle ones to comfortably hold and scribble with.

Washable crayons make cleanup hassle-free so parents can keep their kids entertained without a messy aftermath

My First Crayola art supplies are designed to make creativity accessible at an early age, with tools designed for stages so that kids can progress at their own natural pace.

Best Gift For Milestone- Pays increasing attention to speech

My Pal Violet

Teach Violet your child’s name and favorite things for personalized learning in 15+ activities

Listen along to 40+ learning songs, melodies and lullabies, for active daytime fun and nighttime soothing

Teaches first words, feelings and emotions, colors and counting

Connect Violet to your smartphone, tablet or computer for easy personalization while she’s still in the box

This cuddly pal is recommended for children ages 6-36 months

Best Gift For Milestone- Explores objects (shaking, banging)

Band-in-a-Box Clap! Clang! Tap!

The Melissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box Clap! Clang! Tap! is a 10-piece musical instrument set with a variety of instruments that get kids moving, grooving, and feeling the beat.

Musical instruments help children develop a musical ear. This set exposes your mini-musician to different tones, volumes, and rhythms.

To keep this band set for kids organized, we’ve included a durable wooden crate that has plenty of space to store each of the 10 instruments.

This set is an ideal gift for kids ages 3 to 6 years. Add a Melissa & Doug Wooden Beginner Recorder to round out the musical play experience and give kids an engaging option for screen-free fun.

Best Gift For Milestone-Finds hidden objects easily

Usborne Find-Its

These delightful books have been specially devised to provide very young children with the challenge of something to look for, amusing situations to talk about, and familiar objects to name.

Babies and toddlers will have fun spotting the little duck and puppy on each page of this book. There are lots to talk about in each picture too.

Finding objects that are hidden helps your child develop auditory, visual and other cognitive strategies.

Your child will askt you to read these books over and over again. They can’t wait to turn the page and find them again!

These books are very simple with thick pages making it a great book for 1-year-olds and other inquisitive children.

Click on the images above to see pricing and details.

Best Gift For Milestone- Looks at correct picture when named

Very First Book of Things to Spot Series

This series of look-and-talk books were made for very young children, with simple, bright illustrations and lots to see and spot on every page.

A delightful book series that has lots of things to look for, spot and talk about, making it perfect for sharing with little children.

Who has a yellow coat? Can you spot a sleeping rabbit? Charmingly illustrated, this friendly picture book series is great for bedtime, naptime or anytime.

Click on the images above to see pricing and details.

Best Gift For Milestone-Begins to use objects correctly (cups, brush, etc.)

Silicone Sippy Cup Lids

While other sippy cup lids easily tear or rip apart after just a few light uses, our strong and reusable sippy lids are guaranteed to last a long time of functionality and convenience.

Made with thick, premium quality food-grade silicone that won’t easily break or fall apart. No more worries of stretching the silicone for the fear of tearing it apart in the process.

Put the lid on by simply expanding the stretchy lid and put it straight down and wrap it around the edge of the cup then adjust to fit. Hand wash in warm, soapy water or boil for couple minutes or place in the top rack of the dishwasher.

The sippy spouts are very soft and only allow the liquids out when squeezed. They prevent cups from spurting its contents rapidly when knocked over, dropped to the floor or thrown from your baby’s high chair.

These silicone cup lids DO NOT CONTAIN LEAD, LATEX, PHTHALATES, BPA, are FDA APPROVED and are gentle on your baby’s developing teeth.

They are suitable for children 6 months and up and work great for the transition from bottles to cups.

We hope you enjoyed our list of best first birthday gift ideas!

Please comment below and let us know how these toys worked and if you have any suggestions that have worked for your 1-year-old.

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