First Birthday Gifts (From Grandparents)

Being a Grandparent is one of the best things in the world according to my parents. They absolutely love seeing the grandkids and spoil them with toys and treats every time they see them.

Although one thing that was tough for them was picking the right gift for the grand kid’s first birthday. The first birthday gifts from grandparents are one of the toughest things that they had to do.

Many times this is difficult because grandparents know that everyone else will be buying toys and dolls.

These gifts are nice but giving a meaningful and long-term gift that both the child and the parents need is the pinnacle of gift-giving for your new one-year-old.

One of the best gifts anyone can give a child is the gift of knowledge.

While your one year old might be too young to read, helping your older grandchildren with one of the most important aspects of life is something that cant wait.

Reading Head Start Is A Complete Curriculum of Guided Reading Lessons That Easily Transforms Any Child Into A Great Reader!

It only makes sense to help your birthday boy/girl’s older siblings, as the better they do, the better example they can set for their little brother or sister.

Click this link or the link above to get more information on how Reading Head Start can help every child in your family reach educational success!

It is a great feeling knowing that one of the hardest parts of being a grandparent is trying to pick the perfect gift for their little one.

Being a Grandparent, according to my parents, is loving them just as much as their own kids but with very few of the responsibilities.

Not having to worry about all the decisions that a parent has to make in order to raise the child correctly makes a Grandparent’s life a bit easier. One of the choices a parent has to make is whether or not to swaddle their baby. Check out the link to our article Swaddling A Baby (Pros and Cons).

Their toughest decisions are whether or not to order the grandkids chocolate or vanilla ice cream, which playground to take them to or should they give them the stuffed animal now or the next visit.

Although, those decisions seem pretty tough for most grandparents (parents are rolling their eyes right about now) the dreaded decision that all grandparents spend countless hours researching is what to pick for their very first birthday gifts for their grandkids.

Well, the good news is that I have done most of the research for you.

For more info about first birthday gift ideas from everyone else check out our article Best First Birthday Gift Ideas

Here is a list that should help you decide which presents to consider when looking for the first birthday gifts from grandparents.

Best First Birthday Gifts From Grandparents

  • Zoo, Theme Park or Bounce House Membership

Grandparents know that their grandkids will most likely get every known toy that a one-year-old could imagine.

Crafty grandparents have to find something that is not a toy but will be just as much fun. A yearly Zoo, theme park or bounce house membership fits perfectly.

Not only will they have fun but the parents will love it too.First Birthday Gifts From Grandparents-Zoo Membership

There are countless times when a parent is in need of a fun activity when everyone is twiddling their thumbs and this gift will make everyone excited.

The Zoo is not only a fun activity but an educational one.

Giving your grandchildren the opportunity to experience all the different animal life and habitats will be a great way to improve their understanding of nature and wildlife.

Along with great wildlife, Zoos can be a great way to accelerate language development.

At the ZOO your grandkids will be exposed to many different concepts and vocabulary that they can’t get anywhere else.

Theme parks and bounce house memberships are great ways to keep the grandkids moving and there is no better way to ensure that your grandchildren take a nap than a bounce house.

If your local ZOO or Bounce House activity area isn’t close I highly recommend purchasing a personal home bounce house.

They are fantastic for parties or just for days when the kids are bored. We have one and it really turns a dull day into an exiting one every time.

Seeing my kid’s eyes light up when I am blowing it up is worth every penny.

Most of the personal bounce houses are very manageable and roll back up into the box or a bag that is provided for you.

It stores easily in your garage when you need it. I recommend the Little Tikes Bounce House with the heavy duty blower.

Click the link to see pricing and its ranking on Amazon.

We have this one and it is well made and blows up without any issues.

Whether you are buying it as a gift for your little or buying it for when they come over to your house it will definitely be an instant success!

It might be a little big for your little one now but they will be happy to grow into it!

I also recommend the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer.

Click the link to see pricing and its ranking on Amazon.

We own this one as well and with living in Florida it has been a lifesaver for us on hot days.

Not having to go to the community pool with all its preparation and hassle is so nice.

Getting these as a gift will make you “the best Grandparents ever!”

  • Baby Tumbling or Activity Classes 

This fits in a similar category to the above suggestion. Although, this one has more of a sports or activity theme. Does your grandchild like dancing, tumbling and jumping?

This will allow them to get their exercising and teach them a skill. Baby Tumbling or other activity classes help your grandchildren develop and increase strength, coordination, and flexibility.

Certain gymnastic or tumbling activities are excellent ways to build upper body strength which many toddlers lack.

Given that your new one-year-old is most likely walking or just about to only increases the importance of improving coordination and balance.

These skills will help them build a foundation for a healthy beginning.

Along with all the other benefits mentioned one of the most important ways these activities help your little ones is through building self-confidence.

When your grandchildren call you on the telephone (more realistically FaceTimes or Video Messengers) to babble proudly about doing a front roll or walking all the way across the balance beam you will know that this was a great first birthday gift.

Once again if the tumbling classes are not convenient in your area you could always buy your grandbaby their own tumbling equipment.

They can use it at their convenience as well as their parent’s convenience without the need of driving or scheduling appointments.

A great option is the Constructive Playthings Play Forms For Toddlers. 

Click the link to see pricing and its ranking on Amazon.

They allow you to make your own tumbling and gymnastic configurations based off of your grandchild’s abilities and coordination.

All five shapes come in easily wipable vinyl and are perfect for rainy or cold days!

Both your little one and their parents will love their do-it-your-self tumbling area,

  • Family Vacation

A family vacation would be high on any family’s list although with all the expenses of having a one-year-old like diapers and daycare it many times is out of the question.

This one takes grandparents with deep pockets but will absolutely be a slam dunk in the gift department.

Now a family vacation with a one-year-old can sometimes be difficult but with the proper planning and kid-friendly activities, a family vacation will be a parents godsend.

Not only will a family vacation be a great gift but it promotes family bonding and is an amazing opportunity for the family to spend quality time together.

Depending on the vacation it can also be a great way to expand your grandchildren’s understanding of geography, society and the world around them.

The best benefit of all is it is a great way for the family to get away from all the hustle and bustle that comes with parenthood.

While traveling with a little one might not always be easy in the long run a family vacation might be just what your family needs.

  • A Professional Photo Shoot For The Family

Many people say that the perfect gift is one that can last a lifetime. A family photo shoot performed by a professional definitely accomplishes this goal.

Documenting this wonderful time when your grandchildren are little is very important. Many times it doesn’t seem like a priority until it is too late.

Grandparents know far too well that with a snap of a finger your little one year old quickly turns into a kindergarten graduate and in no time they are asking to borrow the car key.

(If you do have a Pre-Kindergartner check out the article What Should My Child Know Before Kindergarten-Checklist.)

First Birthday Gifts From Grandparents-photographerSeeing the family pictures on your wall or bookshelf will make you feel proud that you were able to help solidify this wonderful time in your family’s life.

In addition, you have saved your grand children’s parents the horror of realizing they don’t have a great picture of their toddler and it is now too late.

If getting a family photo is too hectic, as it sometimes can be, then just getting a few good professional portraits of your little one year old is a great alternative.

My wife each year makes our children each a Shutterfly book with a complication of all of that particular year’s pictures as well as a family photo book.

We also get one professional family picture session each year and they are always the highlight of the picture books.

It is a lot of work for my wife but if you do it at the right time you can make it pretty inexpensively. Now that our children are a bit older we have a bookshelf full of wonderful memories.

If you are able to get a hold of a good mix of pictures including the ones from your gift photo shoot making a photo book for your grandchildren is a great idea.

Making your grandkids a photobook from any of the photo book companies like Shutterfly, Mixbook or Snapfish would be an amazing gift and when they get old enough to look through them (without destroying them) your grandkids will be ecstatic along with their parents.

If none of these options sound good just buying them their own family camera might do the trick.

The Canon PowerShot SX620 Digital Camera is a great option and is ranked number one by both Parenting Magazine as well as Amazon.

Click on the links to see more information from Amazon and Parenting Magazine.

Giving your kids the freedom to capture their kids special moments will be priceless.

  • Music Classes

Baby Music classes can be a great gift and offer many educational benefits.

The babbling and cooing your one-year-old is doing is called Vocal Play. Vocal Play is one of the early stages of language development and music can play a crucial role.

Baby Music classes can encourage language skills by exploring sounds, repeating songs and by locating and responding to the musical notes.

It can also help with physical development by rolling and crawling to the music. As well as helping with gross motor skills by playing or beating on drums or other instruments.

Best of all Music classes help with active listening skills.  The ability to distinguish between different sounds and the pauses in the music help your grandchild fine-tune their listening and help them better understand how listening benefits them.

Any teacher will tell you that improving your grandchild’s ability to listen and to better understand how it helps them at an early age is crucial.

Listen skills learned through Music will be a huge help when they get into Kindergarten and throughout their school career.

Another great way to encourage music development is to help your grandchild be familiar with many different instruments.

You probably should double check with Mom and Dad first as it could get a bit loud but the Wooden Percussion Instruments Toy for Kids is a great way to introduce music into your grandchild’s life.

When they are the next Pop star they will thank you later!

Click the link above for pricing and its ranking on Amazon.

  • First Holiday Ornament

Whether or not your new one-year-old has a birthday in December, getting them their first-holiday ornament is a good way to remind them of your love each holiday season.

They might not understand exactly what it is at the time (besides a sparkly object) but that is OK.

First Birthday Gifts From Grandparents-ornamentEach holiday when it is displayed proudly on the tree or mantle they will know that their grandparents are thinking of them and got them their first holiday ornament.

Many ornaments are made in a series. This is another great opportunity for gifts other than birthday gifts.

Getting them the ornament in that particular series each holiday season works well and becomes a nice grandparent holiday tradition.

My mother has gotten me the Hallmark Frosty Friends ornament series since I was little and it is a great holiday tradition for us.

Now that I am much older I could have a tree comprised of just Frosty Friends. Now that I think of it, I might try that this Christmas!

Getting an ornament for their birthday will start a family tradition and means that when the holidays start the decorating can commence.

The Grandparent Gift Ceramic Photo Ornament is a great suggestion for your grandchild’s first ornament. 

It’s an Amazon bestseller and its made by none other than the Grandparent Gift Company!

Whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa starting a tradition with your grandchildren is the best gift of all.

  • Homemade or Personalized Blanket

Linus from The Peanuts comics and video series made carrying a blanket a household name or in this case, a household activity.

On an interesting side note, Linus’ last name was van Pelt. I didn’t even know they had last names?

Anyway, getting or making your grandkids their first handmade or if you aren’t that crafty then their first personalized blanket would make any Linus like one year old very happy.

A blanket can extend past just keeping your grandchildren warm. It can also provide a sense of comfort and security throughout their childhood.

Many people believe that a prized blanket or otherwise know as a security blanket can help with building independence.

By having something other than a parent that represents security it can help foster a healthy form of separation. This will allow children to experience and find comfort from other sources.

My little one loves her “Blank”(blanket). She even soothes herself by playing and even chewing on the corners.

When mommy puts her down for a nap or at bedtime we can see her on the monitor playing with the corners of her “blank” to soothe herself until she drifts off to sleep.

Getting your grandchildren their first “blank” will ensure that they are warm, secure and independent all under one piece of fabric.

If you’re not much of a knitter or not very crafty this customizable personal blanket is perfect for your new one-year-old

Click the link above for pricing and its ranking on Amazon.

  • Planting A Tree 

Finding something more hallmark than just a birthday toy is hard to do.

Planting a special tree in honor of your grandchildren’s birthday is a unique birthday gift that will grow with them.

While they might not understand what it means at first as they get older the sentimental value will only grow stronger.

Can you imagine the pride that your grandkids will have when they are older and they tell their friends that “their birthday” tree was from their grandparents and it will only get bigger and stronger just like them!

  • First Checking or College Account

Many new one-year-olds most likely won’t remember their first gift after their birthday.

What they will remember when they get older, through a checking or college account, is the wonderful monetary benefit known as compound interest.

Some fiscally savvy grandparents will purchase a savings bond, their grandchildren’s first checking account with a little starter money or others will start a college account for their future college graduate.

In the book, The Millionaire Next Door, a book that studied what most responsible and mild-mannered millionaires did to stay wealthy took a look at what most millionaires did to help their families along with other wealth-creating habits.

From what I remember, most smart millionaires didn’t give their children big allowances and unlimited credit cards.

The parents understood that struggle created perseverance which was a skill that was used to make them wealthy in the first place.

Although, what most millionaires that they surveyed in the book did was pay for their children’s college or started a college fund to help continue one of the most important skills for creating wealth…Education.

Now I can imagine that there are pro and cons to this philosophy but it is worth pondering and seems like a good idea to consider.

Many of us won’t be millionaires but taking a page out of their playbook and starting an education fund sounds like a great idea.

Maybe one day your grandchildren will make it in the next best selling book where they are the millionaires that they are interviewing.

  • Shoes and Clothes

Anyone with kids, grandkids or even nieces and nephews know that kids go through shoes and clothes very quickly, especially one-year-olds!

They may wear a pair of shoes or an article of clothing once or twice and have already outgrown it by the next time they go to wear it.

Now it would seem that shoes and clothes might not be a great gift given the reasons above but you would be surprised how appreciative the parents will be with this type of gift.

Having a nice closet full of clothing and shoes when they need them is a godsend for parent and even better it will keep your grandchildren looking good as well. 

One thing about shoes that I have learned is that getting a good pair of walking shoes for the baby is a good idea.

They are specially made for the new walker in mind and help structure the baby’s foot properly in the shoe and helps with balance.

You can usually go to a garage sale and get clothing now and again but it is not suggested to do that with baby shoes as the shoes form to the baby’s foot and used shoes will not fit properly for the other child.

Another good idea is to buy your grandchild a couple pairs of shoes or pieces of clothing in different sizes so that if they do have a growth spurt and cant wear your gift they will have another one ready to go.

Last but not least, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to the favorite baby store so that they will always have the ability to get something from you when it is needed.

One of the best gifts that you can bestow upon your family with a toddler is easy to slip on shoes that are durable, waterproof and molds to your little one’s foot structure.

The Native Unisex Kid’s Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker is exactly that. They come in over 40 different colors to satisfy any style!

Giving the gift of comfortable and versatile shoes makes activities and outings so much easier and enjoyable.

Anyone with kids knows how time-consuming putting on shoes can be, especially if they are in the “I do it myself mode.

Click the link above for pricing and its ranking on Amazon.

  • Books

Books are a great investment for your little one!

While they won’t be reading for a quite some time being exposed to books by reading to them or just having them look through books will start them off in the right direction for proper literacy.

I have said time and time again, the predictor of a child’s success in school is the priority the parents or in the case grandparents place on education at home.

Introducing your grandchild to reading early on is a wonderful way to spark the love of reading and a direct appreciation of literature. 

Reading to a child every day is one of the most important things you can do for their language development.First Birthday Gifts From Grandparents-books

Starting or contributing to your grandchildren’s personal library increases opportunities to expose them to reading or at the very minimum literacy skills (correctly holding the book or turning pages).

You can get all types of books from tactile books that they can feel different textures to books that the pictures pop out at them.

Some of the coolest books I have seen are the ones where you shine a flashlight on the book pages and a new picture appears on the page. Many are educational and great for bedtime reading.

You can see an example of these types of books at Usborne Books.

Toys are great but giving the gift of education is priceless. Buying your grandchildren books for their first birthday may not get the same reaction as other gifts.

Although, when they are in bed reading with their parents and learning to love reading there will be no other reaction needed.

  • Responsibly Spoil

These gift ideas are not the typical birthday toy ideas. While most of the presents that your new one-year-old will get will be toys and that is not a bad thing.

Many of these gift ideas will help you get your grandchild something that will last far longer and will be much more appreciated in the long run than the regular birthday toy.

Grandparents play a special part in the lives of their grandkids. They are a wealth of experience, knowledge and in the eyes of our kids, they are second to none.

Grandparents are known for their ability to spoil their grandchildren and armed with the first birthday gift from grandparents list you will be on top of the cool list or more appropriately …  The clever-cool list. 

Now, for the grandparents that like getting the biggest and best toys for their grandchildren and have already decided to get them the college account or books later on. See below!

Sometimes you have to Wow them with some cool toys or gifts!

Here are some of the coolest gifts for your new grandbaby!

Babies will love discovering the splashing penguins, mischevous monkeys and roaring lions on the colorful pages of this book.

They can press the buttons to hear the monkey, elephant, seal, penguin and lion sounds – and try making the noises themselves!

A joy to share and talk about with babies and toddlers alike.

Click on the picture or link above to see  pricing

Baby Girl Birthday Crown Flower Tiara Headband.

Gold Glitter Crown!

Truly fit for royalty, made with gold glitter, pink felt lining and a true touch of elegance.

Crown is perfect for birthdays of all ages.

These Birthday Crowns are also super soft, light and stretchy; babies even don’t feel that the Birthday Crown is there.

Click on the picture or link above to see Amazon pricing and rank

An ideal choice for a baby’s first birthday or Christmas gift.

With color box also just 1-2 minutes assembly.

The height of the bike is designed for 10-24 months old kids.

Its weight is no more than 30% of a 10-24 month child.

Click on the picture or link above to see Amazon pricing and rank

The Grow & Glow Candle

The Grow & Glow Candle is made of high-quality paraffin wax

Fragrance-free, smokeless and dripless

On each birthday year, enjoy 1-2 hours of burn time down to the next number

This candle is white with a colorful balloon motif, perfect for girl or boy.

A great multi-year gift that can last through their childhood

Click on the picture or link above to see Amazon pricing and rank

Features vinyl with embroidered black eyes, party hat with fabric tuft

“1st Birthday” print on its chest

Made of Vinyl outer, Satin ribbon, Fabric and embroidery detail

A huggable pink bear stuffed toy with pink satin ribbon

Let guests write their well wishes or names on it

Click on the picture or link above to see Amazon pricing and rank

Use Liquid Chalkboard Markers to customize

Metal sign, not easy to rust

Birthday theme party, bedroom, wall decoration or any occasion.

This sign looks like a chalkboard and can be reused every birthday party.

Easy to clean with a little window cleaner or a magic eraser

Click on the picture or link above to see Amazon pricing and rank

Sleek automotive design, smooth quiet ride wheels, and a kid-powered car horn

Safety belt included keeping toddlers secure inside the car

Spacious storage located under the car’s hood for transportation of little treasures

Handle folds under for transport “whisper ride” wheels for a smooth, quiet ride

Click on the picture or link above to see Amazon pricing and rank

Add up to ten letters to be embroidered on the Flappy’s ear for baby’s name! 

Flappy plays peek a boo and sings to you too – just adorable

This exciting elephant has two different play modes. It plays peek-a-boo when its left foot is pressed and sings Do Your Ears Hang Low when its right foot is pressed. It sings with a cute child’s voice, and its ears flap during play. Children can be entertained while learning. 3 AA batteries included.

Perfect size to hug and hold at 12″ – sure to be their new best friend

Click on the picture or link above to see Amazon pricing and rank

Educational kids toy features exciting songs and music that teach about animals, colors and numbers; ladybug button activates sounds and interacts with child

Kids flashlight comes with over 50 sing-along songs, music, sounds and fun phrases; children’s toy features 5 light colors that are not too bright

Early learning center teaches toddlers to count along and learn numbers 1, 2 and 3; great toy flashlight for boy or girl toddlers

Interactive toy is perfect for infants and toddlers ages 1 to 3; toy features on/off switch and 2 different volume controls

Flashlight toy operates on 2 AAA batteries that are included; after 45 seconds of inactivity the toy will automatically turn off

Click on the picture or link above to see Amazon pricing and rank

This kids xylophone can be played in a variety of ways. The kids can fetch balls as pounding sends the balls tinkling over or they can pull out the keyboard and xylophone and play a solo

Promotes dexterity, hand-eye coordination, manipulation, arm movement, cause and effect

Durable and child safe, contains water-based paint and has non-toxic finishes

The winner of the 2018 Cribsie Award of favorite first musical toy suitable for ages 12 months to 3 years

Click on the picture or link above to see Amazon pricing and rank

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